Protect your sensitive data

icaria Mirage is the platform which will protect your sensitive data and enable safe and thorough testing

icaria Mirage is the solution for sensitive data Discovery and Protection in information systems and application databases.

“Data that look real, but aren’t” is the philosophy that guides icaria Mirage design.

Therefore the data obtained after a Smart masking process can be used in testing and simulation environments. The outcome dataset has the coherency and richness of real data, but without sensitive information.

Data Masking Project

Would you like to know how is an icaria Mirage implementation project? Read our journal.

Four things you need from your data masking solution…and icaria Mirage provides

Main Features

Automatic data discovery tools

Easily find out where your sensitive data lives.

Built-in anonimization rules

Out-of-the box anonimization algorithms for common data.

Easily customizable tools

Meet any business or technical specification.

Multi platform

Comprehensive solution for most popular databases.

Mainframe and AS400

Seamless solution for IBM environments.

More than one database

Mask data in various databases, even different technologies, with an unified process and same set of rules.

Adaptative process

When the application evolves, icaria Mirage automatically imports the changes.

Fast deployment

Deploy your anonimization platform in weeks form complex environments.

and more...

Frequently, solving data related bugs discovered in a production environment, requires reproducing the issue in a testing environment. And this means having a copy of the affected data.

icaria Mirage has an extension capable of designing data extractors that include data masking capabilities.

More often than not, the referential integrity issues provoke system failures. This failure has a high cost in terms of service interruption and time consumed identifying bug causes and solving it.

icaria Mirage has an extended function capable of examine database relationships and check the referential integrity, so related issues can be addressed before causing any trouble.

icaria Mirage provides a tool to discover the complete list of IDs prior to data masking. This information is used to prevent conflicts.