Subsetting: not the whole database. Just part of it

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Subsetting: not the whole database. Just part of it

Sometimes we don’t need to copy the entire production database onto a development or testing enviroment. It migth take a long time to do it and be really expensive in terms of processing and storage resources.

The solution is to select a subset of coherent data, mask it, and copy it onto the target environment. Maybe it is something like “10% of all customers, plus last month invoices”

icaria Mirage provides such capabilities. A subsetting path (or more than one) can be described: it means that the user must provide an starting point, probably a relevant entity like the customer, the invoice, the contract, the policy, or something like that, and then how to jump from one entity to another, so the subsetting path can be completed.

Therefore some knowlege of the data relationships must be known and reported to icaria Mirage.

Image. Setting up the subsetting path

Two out of our three projects requiere subsetting. As this capability was tested during the proof of concept activities, we have gathered all the avaliable information and deliverd it to the client team for rewiew.

Basically, the client team needs to think about the fucntional criteria to define the requiered data. Then they’ll have to decide what paths – relationship among data – are to be used to obtain a coherent set of information.

One of the client teams finds this last task challenging: they do not have enough knwledge nor documentation of the data model and application behaviour to describe the model relationships.

We migth offer some help. Maybe it’s time to test a new icaria Mirage plugin for automated data relationship discovery. It is not released yet, but if we give it a try, we risk nothing.

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