Sensitive Data Inventory

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Sensitive Data Inventory

This is a key piece of information in the datamasking implementation project.

The purpose

We need this document so we know what information is the company interested in protecting.

Some of it migth be due to legal requirements, but there also migth be reasons for other business related information to be masked, regardless of its legal condition.

This document also gathers information about the appropriate datamasking algorithms. Some of them may be well-known in advance, and provided by icaria Mirage out-of-the-box. But some others are company or application specific.

Who is invited to participate

Generally speaking, at least the following opinions are required:

  • Information security responsible
  • Application functional leader
  • Software testing leader

The tools

We have provided the client team with a Sensitive Data Inventory template in Word format.

We are also considering to develop a new functionality within icaria Mirage to support this process

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