Data masking project journal

Interested in data masking? Stay tuned and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about protecting your sensitive data with icaria Mirage.

May 2019

Dissociation Process

Closing a data masking project

Every project comes to an end and this one could not be less. However, there are some details that must be finalized before taking it to production and releasing it in hands of the client and users. First, let’s define the actual status of the project. We have configured the environments, the Sensitive Data Map is available and ready to be launched at any time, dissociators are configured in Icaria, the segmentation paths, if they...

March 2019


Subsetting: not the whole database, just part of it

In the previous post we have seen how our tool can transform real data into data that isn’t real but that looks like to use it in nonproductive environments such us QA or development. Now, we are bringing a new feature that, according with our experience, is a great utility when databases have large volumes of data, most of it unnecessary. To understand why it is useful, we must first understand the problem we wish...

February 2019

It’s time to data mask

In today’s post we are going to explain the dissociation process, but before that, let’s recall how we got here and what is coming now. Documentation request and initial project monitoring meetings. Creation of the Sensitive Data Inventory. Synchronization of the metamodel of the databases in Icaria. Execution and iterations over the Sensitive Data Map. Configuration of the dissociators based on the Map results. First controlled executions in debug mode and without persistence. Execution...

January 2019

Sensitive Data Map

The Sensitive Data Map is the result of the search for sensitive information that we have covered in the last posts. It offers a model of the candidate fields for dissociation and an essential aid for the subsequent configuration. Also, the Sensitive Data Map presents relevant information about the content of the databases. This post details the last stage of the detection of sensitive information present in the databased to be covered. In the previous...

December 2018

Analyzing Database content

The last post of the DataMasking Project Diary was about the process of identifying where sensitive data is. As this is a complex topic, we are still missing some more relevant information about how to analyze databases and its content, that is today’s post topic. We want to localize sensitive data. In order to do so, it’s necessary to go through an iterating and incremental process in which we will filter and segregate results...

November 2018

Where is sensitive data stored?

We are all aware up to a certain point that we have sensitive data in our databases, but do we know where it is and what data do we have? To get a better picture of this situation, let’s follow the simile: Imagine that you move to a new house. You start organizing your home in the best possible way, placing everything as you would like to find it, knowing where you leave your belongings...

October 2018

Sensitive Data Inventory

This is a key piece of information in the datamasking implementation project, which will be involved in every stage of the project and constantly updated. The purpose We need this document, so we know what information the company is interested in protecting. Some of it might be due to legal requirements, but there also might be reasons for masking other information, regardless of its legal condition. Such as privacy for non-allowed personnel. This document also gathers information about...

The ball starts to roll

After an exhaustive and sucessful Proof of Concept, the kick-off meeting is the first milestone of the real implementation project. The project team -client and netZima - had been working together for a while, so we know one another and the working atmosphere is great. We are very confident this project will be a technical challenge (where is the fun, if otherwise?) but also a success. But first things, first. The kick-off meeting is not...