The ball starts to roll

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The ball starts to roll

After an exhaustive and sucessful Proof of Concept, the kick-off meeting is the first milestone of the real implementation project. The project team -client and netZima – had been working together for a while, so we know one another and the working atmosphere is great.

We are very confident this project will be a technical challenge (where is the fun, if otherwise?) but also a success. But first things, first. The kick-off meeting is not only about shaking hands and wishing the best for the task to come. Some important goals must be accomplished. This is what we did:

Introduce the team

Although many of us knew each other from the PoC, there were new faces. It is extremely important that everyone is properly introduce and everybody else knows what to expect from others, and how to reach to them. Share contact details.

Project highligths

Yes, everyone has read the project SOW (statement-of-work), but it is best if we go through it together. So we did it. And we got useful information about potential issues and risks related with the planning, resource allocation, and people availability. So we had the opportunity to improve our project plan, and anticipate some issues.

We specifically shared the company goals set for this project. Clear and shared goals are paramount to project success.

We also review common project procedures and methodologies.

First assignments

There is plenty of work to do and not so much time. There are a few tasks that can be launched rigth away:

  • Fill in the Sensitive Data Inventory template
  • Review the data source perimeter
  • Have the hardware infrastructure available

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