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Subsetting: not the whole database. Just part of it

Sometimes we don’t need to copy the entire production database onto a development or testing enviroment. It migth take a long time to do it and be really expensive in terms of processing and storage resources.
The solution is to select a subset of coherent data, mask it, and copy […]


Sensitive Data Inventory

This is a key piece of information in the datamasking implementation project.
The purpose
We need this document so we know what information is the company interested in protecting.
Some of it migth be due to legal requirements, but there also migth be reasons for other business related information to be masked, […]


Why risking your sensitive data for nothing?

In 2015, Jeb Bush published Reply All. A book that gathers a wide sample of email exchanges with Florida journalists, businessmen and everyday citizens while Bush was Florida governor. The book was meant to help relaunch a struggling campaign, by tapping on transparency.
But there was a problem.
As The Washington Post […]